September 29, 2015

Ultra makes Vulcan aircraft part into wedding ring!

A few weeks ago we were approached by Mark with an interesting and intriguing request. He had received from the Vulcan trust a piece of a decommissioned aircraft. He had selected a part that he wanted to be made into a weddng ring as these aircraft had a strong sentimental meaning.

Following the manufacture of this, the Vulcan trust asked him if the ring could be flown in the plane. The rings flew to Goodwood via Eastbourne and Beachy Head and Mark has kindly sent us the photos. The first photo shows the finished ring and the ring that we used to gauge the size of the inside diameter. The second photo shows the part which the ring was made from. The four subsequent photos show the ring on board the Vulcan along with Mark's fiancé's ring.

003 004 IMG_0356 IMG_0357 IMG_0358 IMG_0359

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