March 23, 2015

The big one is coming…..

Our latest exciting £340,000 investment, the impressive Doosan MX2600ST Twin spindle, single turret lathe with a 5 axis milling head attached, is arriving at Ultra Precision soon!

As you can see when you watch this machine in action, this new addition allows us to machine all faces in one hit. With the ability to handle material from 10mm up to 760mm in diameter it has 52 tool stations and a 12,000 rpm milling speed, along with a substantial 1540mm maximum part length.

We have already been able to calculate and offer customer savings of 60%.

If you have parts with angled holes or milled details, or just complex parts which you feel will benefit from one hit machining, send us details in advance so you can see the savings a one hit machine can deliver.

We will be set to start offering you savings in the middle of May.

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