December 15, 2015

Recent machining successes

Brass milled 2 Dec 2015 Brass milled Dec 2015 Brass turned 2 Dec 2015 Brass turned Dec 2015 SS Body 2


Some interesting parts have been recently machined on our shopfloor by our skilled engineers. The milled brass part was a part we were asked to source material and manufacture within 5 days. The naval grade brass was sourced in round bar for speed. The part was then milled complete in two operations and the part successfully delivered on schedule.


The small brass turned part was made on a Citizen A32 and machined complete.  The 'guide bush less' machine allows turned and milled shorter parts up to 35mm diameter to be made with less material wasted in bar remnants.


The stainless steel 316 grade body was machined complete on our Puma MX machine in one hit. The component includes milled threads, interpolating form tools and internal grooves and threads. The one hit machining improves accuracy on parts that would otherwise require multiple operations and the potential for loading errors associated with this.

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