September 5, 2013

Recent CNC Milling and Turning Machine Case Study

We were recently approached to CNC machine some parts in Alloy 22. This is similar to an Alloy 625 or Hasteloy c276. Compared to other parts we had CNC turned, this had an 80mm deep blind hole. Due to the volume involved and the timescale, we needed a good cycle time and consistency of quality and process. The use of high pressure through spindle coolant was essential, however the crucial factor was the power of the machine to allow us to produce at the rev and feed combination without stalling. The torque of the recent investment of our CNC Mill Turn Miyano BNJ52 allowed us to achieve this.

We researched the tooling we felt could best achieve these interests. The long production run allowed us to experiment with alternatives, and we were able to find a lower cost product that achieved comparable results, ultimately decreasing costs to the customer.

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