June 9, 2015

Primary Engineer Programmes Initiative

This week it has been widely reported that there will be a national shortage of engineers by 2022. The impact this will have on UK manufacturing could be catastrophic if UK industry doesn't act now to reverse the decline in young people choosing engineering as a career.

Previous initiatives such as the Tomorrow's Engineers program aimed predominantly at 11-14 year olds have now been expanded on with the launch of Primary Engineer Programmes. This new program introduces children to projects which are designed to inspire and encourage whilst still at primary school. Children are given the opportunity to get involved in engineering at an early age in a practical and hands on way whilst connecting with the national curriculum. The vision according to Engineering Subcontractor magazine is "that children, both girls and boys, will aspire to become designers and makers from a very early age. They are the engineers of the future."

Visit the Primary Engineer website to find out more about this initiative.


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