July 4, 2013

Movement of Trade Back to UK Shores – a positive trend

There have been many informed articles published in recent weeks and months about the movement of manufacturing back to our UK shores. This can be attributed to several factors. Although the appeal of low cost manufacture can be alluring, the physical distance between the UK and the China can cause problems on many levels.  Communication although easier than ever these days with email and the internet, can be difficult when there are time differences and language barriers involved. There have also been complaints that quality has been sacrificed in order to produce large volumes at low costs.

This has certainly been our experience here at Ultra Precision Products Ltd. We have noticed a considerable trend towards ‘reshoring’ with many customers returning to us to enjoy the precision quality products they need. The ever tightening legislation with regards to traceability and environmental matters has also played a part. We can guarantee to provide certificates of source and fully trace your parts from the purchase of material through to the finishing process.

A very interesting article on this was recently published within “Machinery” magazine, to read the article in full go to www.machinery.co.uk/machining-features/reshoring-fact-or-fiction/49213/

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