March 18, 2019

More machines and expansion for Ultra!

Our latest arrival this week is an Citizen L32 LFV. Our £150,000 investment is the latest technology in sliding head machining. The LFV stands for low frequency vibration. This means that the tool has a very high speed cycle of coming into contact with the work piece and moving off again as it machines. This allows the swarf to chip easily which allows for far more efficient machining and longer batch runs. This is added to by high pressure coolant and swarf removal by conveyor.

The machine is convertible up to 36mm diameter with a 3 metre magazine bar feed. It also features a B axis which allows for angled holes and milling. Although we have had this capability on larger diameter parts and five axis milling, this is the first time we have had this ability on smaller diameter parts.

This is on the back of the £1 million investment in two DMG mori machines and a 2 metre bed Mitutoyo Coordinate measuring machine. To house this we had to increase the size of our inspection office which resulted in new production offices being built above.

Some of our latest parts machined have included this copper component machined in one hit. The pockets are at a 5 degree angle which we achieved on our Doosan MX machine.


We also produced this large turned part on one of our CNC lathes. The part is 300mm diameter and features an angled hole.






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