April 19, 2017

Miyano 65 and Doosan Lynx latest….. hot off the machines!

Miyano 65, Doosan Lynx


Recently completed on our Miyano 65 and Doosan Lynx machines the pictured parts were both manufactured in one hit. The stainless steel part features a 2mm hole through the wall and intricate detailing inside, completed on our Miyano 65.

The second part in Aluminium Nickel Bronze was machined complete on our Doosan Lynx and features a rounded edge which is hard to see in the photograph.

This part also has milled detail which were all machined complete in one cycle.

The CNC turning centre uses the latest Fanuc Control systems. Featuring live drum tooling for milling operations, these allow us to machine parts complete in single cycles. This reduces lead times, improves quality by reducing follow on machining errors and reduces prices to the customer. These features are enhanced by programming on the latest CADCAM software.


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