June 28, 2013

Local school visits Ultra to see CNC milling and CNC turning in action

We had fun this week when 12 lively ten year olds visited our premises to learn about engineering and what happens at our CNC milling and turning factory.

As part of an enrichment week at their school, the students have been learning about different places of work. They spent an hour at our premises exploring all our various components and enjoying a tour of our workshop. Great excitement was had every time a turned part dropped out of the end of the sliding head machines and they were all surprised at the speed that each component was made. The high tech gadgetry within our inspection room proved fascinating and they marvelled at the stocked material racks.

Several had some very informed questions they wanted to ask we are quite convinced there were a few budding engineers and we sincerely hope to see some of them again in 7 or 8 years time!

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