November 14, 2013

Featured: Interesting CNC Milling Component Recently Manufactured

Website Pic 1 Nov 2013Website Pic 3 Nov 2013

We were approached to manufacture an Aluminium part from 6082 in our CNC Milling section. We were given a 3D computer model of the part to work from on our CAM package. The part could be completed by milling the two faces and profiling, however each side had angled faces machined onto it. The only other concern was the narrow cutter paths between two of these upstands, as well as a number of very fine text and symbol features to be engraved.. This did, however, prove to be no problem for our CNC milling department!

What was equally interesting to us was the extra finishing operations. The part, as well as needing alochroming and powder coating, required a Perspex rod to be turned on one of CNC sliding head machines. This in turn had to be polished on each end and pressed fitted into the aluminium body.

All machining and assembly work was completed in house by Ultra Precision Products Ltd.

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