October 4, 2013

Complex turned part a new challenge for our CNC milling and turning centres

Brass Part for News StoryUltra Precision Products was recently asked to produce this part (pictured).

A complex turned component with substantial milling detail on all sides with specific orientation. The material for this part was brass CZ121 as well as a larger quantity made in Stainless 316.

In order to achieve this as cost effectively as possible for our customer, we machined the component on one of our 7 Axis Mill/Turn Centres. This is a twin turret CNC milling and CNC turning centre combined to produce parts in one hit.

The benefit of this is that not only is the part handled only the once as it is machined complete, which reduces costs and lead time,  it also eliminates potential errors of orientation from loading onto second operation fixtures.

Ultra Precision Products Ltd has sixteen machines on site combining CNC milling and CNC turning into one hit, ranging from 1mm diameter to 152mm billets.

If you think this could be something your company may be interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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