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October 2, 2018

Exciting times ahead as our new DMG Mori CTX 2000 arrives!

After months of careful planning we took delivery of our new DMG Mori CTX 2000 on Friday. This will soon be up and running precision aerospace work.

Have a look at our facebook page for an action video of it arriving -

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August 28, 2018

A modern read about the history of Precision Engineering

At Ultra Precision the components we make end up in a vast array of destinations. The complexity of the individual parts which go together to make up the end product is often staggering.

Simon Winchester explores this in depth in his book "Exactly". Subtitled 'How Precision Engineers created the Modern World', this really is a fascinating read for everyone, whether or not you are an engineer!

The synopsis of the book on Harper Collins reads as follows -

"Precision is the key to everything. It is an integral, unchallenged and essential component of our modern social, mercantile, scientific, mechanical and intellectual landscapes. The items we value in our daily lives a camera, phone, computer, bicycle, car, a dishwasher perhaps all sport components that fit together with precision and operate with near perfection. We also assume that the more precise a device the better it is. And yet whilst we live lives peppered and larded with precision, we are not, when we come to think about it, entirely sure what precision is, or what it means. How and when did it begin to build the modern world?"

Check out the book link for yourself here -

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April 26, 2018

Latest addition to our prestigious gallery of precision components

Pictured below is a part we recently completed. The low volume part in Stainless Steel 316 was turned on one of our CNC lathes from a 4 inch billet before being transferred to one of our CNC mills. This part features an intricate O ring groove as well as three thread milled parts on the reverse side.

Precision part featuring O ring groove

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March 22, 2018

Stainless Steel Latest Makes

Recently produced on our Miyano 65 was a family of parts from stainless steel 316. Our twin spindle, twin turret CNC turning center produced the four interlocking parts (only three pictured). The parts were then 100% inspected as they were being sent direct to Brazil for an installation on site by an engineer. This was completed as one of the first jobs on our updated CMM package. The milling was completed using high performance five flute milling cutters.

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