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April 19, 2017

Miyano 65 and Doosan Lynx latest….. hot off the machines!

Miyano 65, Doosan Lynx


Recently completed on our Miyano 65 and Doosan Lynx machines the pictured parts were both manufactured in one hit. The stainless steel part features a 2mm hole through the wall and intricate detailing inside, completed on our Miyano 65.

The second part in Aluminium Nickel Bronze was machined complete on our Doosan Lynx and features a rounded edge which is hard to see in the photograph.

This part also has milled detail which were all machined complete in one cycle.

The CNC turning centre uses the latest Fanuc Control systems. Featuring live drum tooling for milling operations, these allow us to machine parts complete in single cycles. This reduces lead times, improves quality by reducing follow on machining errors and reduces prices to the customer. These features are enhanced by programming on the latest CADCAM software.


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April 6, 2017

Congratulations to our dedicated team!

Congratulations to our dedicated team on the successful completion of our annual AS9100 audit. This involved a huge amount of hard work and dedication from all staff.

Pictured are a selection of recently machined parts.

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January 19, 2017

New Year, New Stories

The referendum has been a topic that has barely left the headlines since June 2016. The future impact on manufacturing is still unclear, but many UK manufacturers do see the weaker sterling as having a positive influence on their business over the next 12-24 months. An interesting report that can be viewed via this link analyses the manufacturing sector's post-referendum outlook.

The recent EEF trade body and The Times UK Manufacturing photographer of the year has won an amateur photographer from Warrington the top prize.

The impressive shot of an engineer welding cylindrical screens made from recycled materials at Croft Materials can be viewed here along with the other winning photographs.

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October 11, 2016

Business Growth and Development

It has been a very busy few months at Ultra with the exciting addition of two new machines.

The first to arrive was a Miyano BNJ42. This accompanies our existing Miyano 64 and 51 machines. This twin spindle CNC lathe has a single turret that machines on both spindles, allowing us to perform turning and milling operations in one hit. It was purchased as a replacement to existing plant but has an increased bar size capacity of 42mm. Technology improvements in the speed that the machine moves, coupled with improved coolant supply and more powerful motors, help to reduce cycle times and increase productivity allowing for improved prices for our customers.
The machine, although added to our sliding head section, is ideally suited to shorter parts. As, unlike the sliding head machines, the cutting takes place away from a supporting guide bush. This allows for easier machining of relatively heavier cuts in stainless steel parts and machining of less precise materials. This also improves efficiency of material use as bar remnants are shorter.


Just prior to this we took delivery of a Doosan Puma Lynx 220. This too is a twin spindle single turret machine. Rather than a barfeed, this machine comes with an 8 inch main spindle chuck and an increased subspindle chuck of 6 inches (an upgrade we requested from the standard 5 inch). This compliments our existing two Doosan Puma 1800TT SY and our Doosan MX. The turret features live tooling which allows us to complete both turning and milling operations. Despite being a £100,000 investment, however, it is simpler than its sister machines which has allowed us to increase capacity on these by removing the relatively simpler parts onto the Lynx. This in turn has allowed us to reduce lead times on all these units.


We have very exciting times ahead with our recent purchases and business development plans. Our expansion was supported by New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership through the Growing Business Fund.


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