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June 22, 2017

Ultra success on innovative large scale assembly project


 We were delighted to have recently won and completed an order for 1000 assemblies. The assembly consisted of 10 parts manufactured by us in house and a number of fixing parts sourced by us.

The 10 parts were machined over nine of our thirty six CNC machines. This highlights the extensive flexibility that our array of machines allows us to have.

Seven of the parts were manufactured from stainless steel and four from aluminium. Three of the aluminium parts needed different surface finishes. We accompanied these with a number of out sourced items such as bearings, screws and washers – some of which were sourced at our discretion and some from the customers chosen source.

We utilised all three of Citizen M32 sliding head machines to produce four of the parts. One of these allowed us to use the extra x axis it has to mill a feature in one of the faces to a 0.1mm tolerance. These sliding head machines allow you to turn and mill parts complete using turning tools and driven milling tools in both a turret and on a platen above the main spindle. The machines also have a sub-spindle which allows the machine to produce features on the second side in one single cycle. We also utilised two of our 20mm size sliding head machines to produce two of the parts.

Five of our parts were machined on our large mill turn centres. These machines have two spindles – a main and a sub-spindle. These are served by two turrets with driven tools that allow us to turn and mill complete parts in one cycle. Four of these were machined from lengths of bar and one from billets. Our Doosan Pumas allow us to switch from bar up to 65mm, to billets up to 8 inch diameter. We also utilised on Doosan Lynx and our Miyano 65.

After assembly in our dedicated assemble room, the parts are tested on an electronic test rig to prove functionality

The order was completed by specialist packaging that was sourced to house the completed part before it is sent to China.


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May 18, 2017

Le Mans 2017

Ultra Precision were recently asked to supply some parts for a customer for the Le Mans 24 hour race which takes place on June 17th and 18th. These parts made on four different machines will feature in the 24 hour motor race.

We used 2 of our 14 sliding head tables, our M32 and L12, one of our 11 CNC mills as well as our prototypes lathes for a small quantity of turned parts.

For race information see -

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May 11, 2017

New Haas machine joins our Milling section – See it in action!

Image result for Haas VF-2SS image


Ultra Precision recently took delivery of a new Haas VF-2SS CNC milling machine. This impressive machine is one of 11 CNC milling machines and our third super speed machine. The super speed refers to the 12,000 rpm spindle as well as rapid feed rates and quick tool changes

Watch demo video

With a travel size of 762 mm in X, 406mm in Y and 508mm in Z. The through spindle coolant also allows for faster material removal rates. Built in Renishaw probes assist with more accurate part loading.


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May 2, 2017

Sunday Times Profit Track 100

Ultra Precision was delighted to see one of its customers featured in the Sunday Times Profit Track 100. This is a report of 100 private companies with the fastest growing profits over 3 years. League Table

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