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June 11, 2020

Latest part from our Doosan MX Lathe

Latest part from our Doosan MX lathe. This aluminium part measures 125mm by 125mm. It was machined in one cycle, making maximum use of the 72 tool carousel.

It features excellent surface finishes for sealing faces as well as multiple milled features.


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April 9, 2020

Doing our best to help the NHS

We would like to thank all our dedicated and skilled staff for the work that they are currently doing to make components for the newly developed oxygen monitor for CPAP system for the NHS, and the parts for the testing kits for the pharmaceutical industry to begin testing for COVID-19.

These are incredibly difficult times for everyone and it is rewarding to feel that here at Ultra Precision we are playing a small part in supporting our NHS.

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February 18, 2020

Latest part from our Doosan

The latest part machined on our Doosan MX machine. A 7.5 inch diameter, 40 kilogram stainless steel 316 billet, turned and milled in one operation. With eight internal diameters tied up to +/-0.05mm, the part is transferred mid cycle automatically from main spindle to sub spindle within the cycle. As well as the four pcd holes, the machine has the capability to produce the cross hole which is thread milled.

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February 3, 2020

New washing facility now in action!

Following our announcement of an investment programme in November the first arrival has been in use now for a couple of months. Our new component washing facility has proven to be a great success, hugely improving the quality of the parts we deliver in terms of cleanliness, whilst also reducing the process time to complete the cleaning operation. This in turn has helped with lead times and delivery. The machine is fully programmable for any cycle required, with a combination of flood wash, spray wash, rinse and dry. The water is filtered and skimmed automatically to keep the wash solution in the best condition possible and the dosage of cleaner is controlled and maintained automatically in cycle.

As well as a full rotating wash, more fragile items can be run on a static wash where the baskets stay still. A variety of baskets, dividers and clamps allow us to hold all parts securely.

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